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Author: admin June 7th, 2017 | Category:Interviews

Kat talks about becoming Jada Pinkett for “All Eyez On Me” and her new music.

Author: admin December 7th, 2016 | Category:Interviews

Author: admin July 10th, 2015 | Category:Interviews, News

Click picture above for full size photo.

: Kat has been nominated for “Choice TV: Scene Stealer” and “Choice TV: Chemistry” at the
2015 Teen Choice Awards. Make sure to vote for her here.

: Read Kat’s interview with POPSUGAR here.

: Kat Graham has been named one of Wet N Wild’s new global beauty ambassadors.

: Check out Celebuzz’s interview with Kat here.

Author: admin February 12th, 2015 | Category:Interviews

Author: admin July 19th, 2014 | Category:Interviews

To celebrate the 85th anniversary of their sunglasses, Foster Grant gathered a group of editors to chat with the new face of their campaign Kat Graham. Here’s what the singer/actress had to say on 90s style icons, if she’d ever pull a Pharrell and wear UGGs on the red carpet, and why Rihanna can do no wrong.

Glamour: Hi Kat!

Kat Graham: Hi! Love the short ‘do!

Glamour: Thanks! Well you had a recent crop, right?

KG: It was a wig! I’ve never cut my hair. Well I just cut it this past week. This is my hair. I feel pretty good! I don’t know if I’ll make it any shorter, but I wish I could make it that short.

Glamour: You have the face for it, though.

KG: Thank you! I think I’ll just stick with the wigs for now because I finally cut it. I don’t think I’ve cut my hair in 5, 6, 7 years. It was actually down to here [points to below-chest]. And I would wrap it up and put on that short wig. And I was like “why am I being such a chicken?!” Just do it. So I let my girl Kendra Styles, shout out to her in ATL, just do it.

Glamour: Let’s chat about your style for a second. You’re basically the gift that keeps on giving. You have fun! A lot of these girls wear the same thing all the time…

KG: Yeah, but not me! I have fun, because you know what, I just want to wear it for me. And thank God I have a stylist who’s a great collaborator because I’ll show up in a baggy T-shirt and Doc Martens because I feel like it. Because I’m like “this is who I am!” but you can still be that without having to be like that all the time.

Glamour: That’s funny, because I wanted to ask you, you play Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries, you have Kat the musician, and you have Kat in your real life. How does your style differ across the three?

KG: The hardest thing as somebody who does both is — and I’m very serious as an actor and I consider myself very serious as a musician, engineer, music artist— is learning that it’s ok to be versatile. There have been a lot of different kinds of girls out over the past few years that I was so excited to support like Rita Ora and Rihanna, that can turn up in a gown one day and then the next day wearing see-through mesh jerseys and I love that because that’s how I am. And I finally see that the world is starting to accept it.

Glamour: Do you ever find yourself thinking “Oh this is such a Bonnie outfit”?

KG: Bonnie, the style, is so precious to me because it’s so reserved for that character. If I started wearing those clothes I’d start behaving like her because for the past six years that’s been the routine. So I don’t even think consciously I’d be aware of it. I’m really into boho chic now, but in the Pharrell way [laughs]. The big hats, the button down shirts, the oxfords…

Glamour: Would you ever wear UGGs on the red carpet a la Pharrell at the BET Awards?

KG: You’re lying. No he didn’t. My boo did not.

Glamour: He accepted two awards in them!

KG: But maybe that’s the trick. When I hope I’m going to win something, but I don’t want to jinx myself I’m going to show up to the awards show in UGGs. Because there’s no way I’m going to accept an award in UGGs. It’s almost like a trick to the universe. So I might just do that! If you see me wearing UGGs you can be like “oh she’s trying to win that award!”

Glamour: You’re hysterical. Ok, so let’s talk about these Foster Grant sunglasses, the whole reason why we’re here. You have these style icons behind you — Raquel Welch, Cindy Crawford— that have stared in the brand’s previous campaigns. Who would you say are your style icons?

KG: Actually right there. That’s Cindy Crawford. I have been a fan of hers since 90s House of Style. She was someone who wasn’t, you know, super skinny, she was sombody who was the epitome of glamour and sexiness but if you watched her she was very silly and fun and a girls’ girl and you know had her own identity and represented the 90s.

Glamour: Did you ever find yourself dressing like her?

KG: I still dress like her! Have you seen when they catch me out? I have way too many waist-high jeans and crop tops. Way too many. I mean come on.

Glamour: Ha! Ok, so Victoria Beckham once said sunglasses hide a multitude of sins. What are you hiding when you wear sunglasses?

KG: Ooo. I actually don’t feel like I’m hiding anything. Infact I feel like it makes me a bit more visible. What I love about these sunglasses is that you can pick what kind of person you want to be that day. So when I want to feel big celebrity fabulous there are those big celebrity fabulous-type sunglasses. When I want to be low-key there are great aviators. I think sometimes when you want attention you can wear sunglasses and people are like “who is that?”. Which is kind of the thing about the campaign. Sometimes you shine more. But anytime I see Victoria Beckham wearing shades I want to know everything. She can’t hide from anyone that gorgeous thing.

Glamour: Seriously! So for my final question: What are you looking forward to buying this end of summer and into fall?

KG: I’m actually on the hunt — literally the website — for some oxfords. I’m really into kind of finding different masculine pieces and making them feminine. Like cool oxfords.

Glamour: Have you tried Church’s? Cole Haan has some great ones too.

KG: I’ll have to check that out. I’m all about the earrings and the ear cuffs with this short haircut too. I’m an ear cuff girl. I like different statement jewelry, especially around the ears. I’m into piercings. I had a septum ring, and I took it out because I had makeout scenes with one of my actors on the show and the camera kept seeing it in my nose. But I have fake belly rings, fake earrings.

Glamour: Rihanna was wearing a fake septum ring the other day.

KG: She can do no wrong. She’s one of my favorites artists of all and she’s somebody who has taken a lot of heat for her fashion and is still so unapologetic about it. That’s a huge reason why she got her CFDA award. I love that there’s someone like her that exists for us black girls. It’s like we are different and you’re not going to put us into a hole so shoutout to her.

Author: admin June 12th, 2014 | Category:Interviews

Author: admin April 12th, 2014 | Category:Interviews

Author: admin February 7th, 2014 | Category:Interviews

Ladies in red! Celebrities helped kick off New York Fashion Week last night (Feb. 6) at Lincoln Center by strutting down the runway for a cause.

Kat Graham, Bella Thorne, Victoria Justice, Colbie Caillat, Joan Jett and more all worked sexy red looks by famed designers for The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show, which raises awareness for heart disease in women.

“Getting to hang out with the other woman participating was my favorite part of the show,” Kat Graham told Billboard at the show. “The music at the event was fun and free. It felt purposeful and strong, which made sense for the event. They let me walk to my favorite song at the moment which is the The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats.’”

Kat worked an edgy fitted python dress by Mathieu Mirano down the runway, which seems to be quite telling of her new attitude toward style. “I don’t really have a main source for my style inspiration,” she said. “It’s really about however I feel about myself at the moment. I’ve been wearing a lot of suits for the past year steering away from feminine pieces and going for more structured pieces. My main source for inspiration comes from my muse at the moment.”

Fashion aside, Kat’s also switching up her music career. “Moving to Interscope has been such a great dream come true for me,” Kat revealed. “I’m excited to go into 2014 with these new records and a cooler edge in that lane. My single ‘Power’ was a great place to leave off in the summer. I’m ready to reveal who I am truly as a beatmaker, an engineer, writer and artist. –

Author: admin December 26th, 2013 | Category:Gallery, Interviews

Sorry for the lack of updates on here lately. I hope everybody who celebrates Christmas had a good day yesterday. Anyways, I’ve added Kat’s photoshoot with Just Jared to the gallery and you can check out her interview below!

Photoshoots > 2013 > Just Jared Spotlight of the Week

Kat Graham is a denim darling in this exclusive photo from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight of the Week series. The 24-year-old actress was snapped in several different looks from Abercrombie & Fitch in the shoot that took place at Siren Studios.

Kat stars on the hit series The Vampire Diaries and she chatted with us about her favorite moments on set (including getting pranked by Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder). She also opened up on how she is preparing for her upcoming wedding to fiance Cottrell Guidry and even told us her funny nicknames for her dog!


Author: admin October 1st, 2013 | Category:Interviews

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