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Author: admin November 25th, 2014 | Category:News

“The Vampire Diaries” is more about sucking blood, but according to star Kat Graham, during the first series of the hit CW show, there was actually some bad blood between her and another star.

“Ian and I used to not like each other at all. We hated each other first season,” Graham shared in an exclusive interview with AOL. “Now he’s my best friend in the cast. He’s the person I can say in 30 years will be one of my closest friends.”

As for the reason behind the personality clash, Graham explained it was all about maturity.

“We wanted to kill each other, but I was a kid and we were both very strong people. I was still finding myself, and throughout the years, he’s helped me find myself and is now one of my greatest inspirations.”

Perhaps her friendship with Somerhalder, who is currently dating actress Nikki Reed, has grown purely because they get more screen time together — and the writing has in some cases hindered other relationships.

“One person I’ve actually known for 10 years is Michael Trevino, and he’s someone I wish after six seasons I had more time with. But it’s also how they’re writing. If I’m doing more scenes with one person, I might be closer with them.”

Graham’s character Bonnie has certainly been a hot commodity this season, but that doesn’t mean she’s not reserving time for her other hobbies. Graham recently surprised visitors in small-town Bland, MO with Pizza Hut to support their new “Flavor of Now” initiative to bring healthy, affordable — and pretty much endless — pizza combinations to local communities.

The talented 25-year-old also has a successful music career underway, with a new single to be dropped this February. Despite all the hustle and bustle, there’s one thread that ties it all together, and makes it all worth it.

“I’m learning about the balance, and I’m learning about the kind of person I want to be,” Graham shared. “As long as I’m connecting with people with ‘Vampire Diaries’ or music — that is the balance. Connecting to people is what creates that balance. “

Author: admin July 19th, 2014 | Category:News

“The dress is Inbal Dror and I’m in love with it, its an Israeli designer, my whole family is Israeli so it’s kind of like a big deal, so I’m really excited about it,” she told exclusively. It’s so nice to hear that the gown has so much meaning, and Kat’s face lit up as she spoke about the gorgeous creation!

“It’s gorgeous, it’s different, not a typical dress, but it’s just going to be a classic wedding. I’m actually really excited, I wish it was sooner,” she gushed. “A lot of people are like ‘well did you design your dress?’ and I’m like, I would’ve, had I not found it, but literally, this girl is my soulmate wedding dress designer and I literally slipped into something she had and it fit like a glove, no alterations, no nothing. It’s divinity.” Wow — we can’t wait to see it on the star!

As for Cottrell’s wedding day attire, Kat isn’t so sure. “I don’t know what designer Cottrell is wearing yet, so shout out to any designers reading this!”

It seems as though we’ve been waiting quite sometime for Kat and Cottrell’s wedding, but Kat begs to differ. “We’ve been together six years in November, so, it doesn’t feel long. It just feels like, you know, we’re gonna be together forever,” said Graham. How adorable!

Have no fear though, we can expect to hear wedding bells soon! “Everything is planned and I just – it’s so funny because everyone was like, ‘Oh she’s getting married, she’s getting married this summer!’ We actually work so much, I mean between my stuff with Foster Grant, my stuff with the UN, and producing and all this other stuff, we looked at each other like, ‘Where’s the time for each other?’ You know.”

Well we definitely needed some relationship advice from Kat, considering she has a long and healthy relationship, and she was happy to share some! “It’s important that when you start a relationship, you guys have to really… how you start it, is how you end it. It’s not a job, it’s not an event, it’s not a red carpet – so we were like, let’s work on building our lives and move it to next year, so we moved it to next year,” said The Vampire Diaries star. So it sounds like the wedding bells will be ringing in 2015 for these two love birds! – Source:

Author: admin January 29th, 2014 | Category:News

Kat Graham will be walking down the aisle any day now! The gorgeous Vampire Diaries star is opening up to us about planning her wedding to fiancé Cottrell Guidry and says the big ceremony is happening very soon.

“I planned the wedding,” the 24-year-old actress and singer told us exclusively at last night’s Universal Music Group Post-Grammy Party in L.A. ” [It went] really good. We’re like done.”

“We’re basically done,” she continued. “We just did everything in two weeks. I’m low maintenance. I’m like, ‘That’s looks cute! Why not? That’s great!'”

Graham said the wedding planning was completely stress-free. “Not a bridezilla at all,” she smiled. “After all these events, the last thing I want to be crazy about is my own wedding. I’m like, ‘No, it’s going to be my day. Chill.’ I know what I want and that makes it a lot easier.”

As for when the nuptials are taking place? She revealed, “Pretty soon. Next time you see me I might be a married woman. Any day now.”

Back in November, Graham told E! News of her man, “My fiancé is easy-going like me. We like the same things. We’re just a couple of California beach bums.”

Graham and Guidry got engaged back in October 2012. So excited for the happy couple! – Source:

Author: admin December 9th, 2013 | Category:News

Forget bridal magazines. Kat Graham got inspiration for her wedding dress via social media. “I was literally on Instagram, and I was looking at photos of wedding dresses and stuff like that and I saw this one and it was like it was made for me,” she told PEOPLE at Details magazine Celebrates 2013 Hollywood Mavericks event. “The designer is Inbal Dror. She’s Israeli. I’m really excited to work with her because we’re all Israeli Jews in our family so we’re going to Israel, and I’m going to be able to see it in person.”

And The Vampire Diaries star is so excited for her upcoming wedding to fiancé Cottrell Guidry, she continued to gush about her gown: “I wanted something different. I didn’t want to go totally out of my comfort zone, but we picked something that is light, but still sexy and fun. I’m really excited.”

But don’t expect her to pull a Shenae Grimes and got for a non-white wedding dress: “I’ve never been married before, so I deserve to go white.” Graham also maintained that she’s not a bridezilla at all — and her fiancé has been involved every step of the way.

“We’re really low-maintenance people,” she shared. “It doesn’t look like I’m low maintenance but I actually am … I’m like, ‘This’ll work. This is great. Why not?’ I’m a quick decision maker. So we basically did everything in a matter of two weeks. We just hunkered down and did it. It’s really exciting.”

Author: admin October 10th, 2013 | Category:News

Kat Graham’s “Power” music video will be premiering tomorrow on Yahoo! Music and she will be on Arsenio Hall’s show later tomorrow night.

Author: admin October 3rd, 2013 | Category:News, The Vampire Diaries

Don’t forget to tune into the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries tonight at 8/7 C on the CW. Let’s get season 5 started off with some good ratings!

Author: admin July 30th, 2013 | Category:Music, News

Our girl Kat’s new single “Power” is available to purchase now! Be sure to support her by purchasing the single on iTunes for $1.29 here. I’ve purchased my copy of Power be sure to get yours today and tell your family and friends to buy it too!

Purchase “Power” on iTunes here!

Purchase “Power” on Amazon here!

Purchase “Power” on Google Play here!

Author: admin June 26th, 2013 | Category:News

Kat Graham, the Swiss-born star of CW’s “The Vampire Diaries,” is simultaneously forging a pop career on A&M/Octone, and has followed up tracks like “Put Your Graffiti on Me” and “Wanna Say” with her most cohesive radio offering to date. Check out “Power,” Graham’s new single, premiering exclusively on

“Power” is an empowering slice of electro-pop that allows Graham to recount the experience of “throwing all the pages of the past out the window” and find new strength in the form of a balanced romance. With pounding drums and a chorus that congeals into a rally cry, “Power” is fittingly epic for a showcase of lyrics that aim to inspire.

“The meaning behind ‘Power’ for me was to express that true power comes from within,” says Graham. “Someone can come into your life and unlock the door to your potential. For me, that was love, but it can be anything to anyone… It’s a song that starts off with the feeling like you’re just one of many, and someone forcing you to see that in the end, there’s only you.”

“Power” will be pushed to Top 40 radio, while the singer — who has collaborated with artists like and Snoop Dogg — will perform at the Kiss The Summer Hello concert for KISS 98.5 in Buffalo on June 29. –

Author: admin June 25th, 2013 | Category:News

Candice Accola isn’t the only Vampire Diaries star with a wedding in the works! Less than a month after the 26-year-old actress got engaged to The Fray’s Joseph King, Accola and her CW costar Kat Graham opened up about their dual engagements during Midori’s Happy Hour Style Event at The London in West Hollywood on Thursday, June 20.

“The engagement was a complete surprise,” Accola told Us Weekly of King’s proposal, which took place during a romantic trip in Italy. “It was perfect and special and just for us.” Accola added that she hasn’t made much progress when it comes to wedding planning. “We just got engaged. It’s been like three weeks!” she laughed. “Everyone is always like, ‘So, do you have a venue yet?’ I’m like, ‘I have no idea!'”

Luckily, the new Midori spokeswoman has Graham as a sounding board; the actress and “Put Your Graffiti on Me” singer, 23, finally confirmed reports that she is engaged to actor and model Cottrell Guidry. “We can at least geek out with each other and it’s not too overwhelming for everyone else,” Accola said of her costar. “It becomes a whole thing.”

Accola predicted she’s more likely to become a bridezilla than Graham. “I just got engaged and she’s so relaxed. I would probably be crazier than she would,” she told Us. “She’s so relaxed and I am, too, but I get stressed out about planning a dinner party.”

Graham agreed that they’re “both really laid-back” and “low-key.” She then added, “It’s very exciting to plan our weddings together. I don’t know, maybe we’ll have babies together, too!” Neither star would reveal when their nuptials will take place. “We know when each other’s weddings are. I don’t want to give too much away,” Graham teased. “They’re not too far apart, but not too close together.” – Source: US Weekly

Author: admin June 25th, 2013 | Category:News

Kat Graham selected five lucky fans to reveal her new single title on twitter, in which they did.
The title of Kat’s new single is “Power” and she will be releasing it this week!

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